What's special about Moroccan olive oil?

Let us start with the history.  Historians are tracing olive trees in Morocco to the 9th millennium BCE. The exploitation of olive trees goes back to 2000 years ago when the Romans prized the Moroccan trees.
The taste profile is pretty unique yet familiar.
The health properties of the Moroccan varieties such as the Picholine Marocaine are prized and are gaining popularity among experts.

Is this a single origin olive oil?

Yes, unlike other brands not only we use olives only from Morocco but only from our farms partners. Unfortunately, we are seeing a similar scenario to the meat industry practices of mixing products of several products from different continents, soils and olive varieties. A really good quality should come from the same place.

Is this olive oil from this year?

Yes, our olive oils always reflect the most current harvest.

This olive oil doesn't taste like my favorite olive oil I get from the store.

Olive oils are like wine. There are several varieties of olives, several factors such as geography,  climate, and farming methods. Everyone of these elements will impact on the final taste. Nonetheless, Moroccan olive oil is known for its fruit forward notes and with hints of pepperiness toward the end.