The Red - Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3L Tin

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Our heritage bold extra virgin olive oil hails from a single origin farm nestled at the foot of the Atlas Mountains near the enchanting red city of Marrakech. Current crop and cold pressed within hours of harvest.  Dynamic fruit with hints of green tomato and artichoke. A flavor deepened by the subtle touch of bitter and spice. Be adventurous and let this uniquely curated early harvest blend dazzle and delight.

Taste Profile: Fruity, floral and ripe notes coming from the traditional Moroccan Picholine variety with a slight touch of spice, bitterness and ardence at the end. Typical taste of the Marrakech style olive oil.
Press: Pressed within hours of harvest in the farm's mill.
Extraction Mode: Cold Extraction 0.2% Acidity level when bottled.
Farm Location: Marrakech-Beni Mellal Region.
Storage: stored in state of the art stainless steel cisterns prior to bottling.
Marries well with: Our favorite - bread, olives and sheep's milk cheese or drizzled over vegetables, meats, seafood and poultry.